The global marketplace is making our once large world much smaller. Today, international businesses access goods and services across our planet. But how can you find the best bulk products overseas? You need a trusting Sourcing Service Provider on the ground to get quality-manufactured goods from this side of the world (India). We currently source products from many special vendors across India who have been evaluated for their operational & financial capabilities. Our sourcing services also allow us to evaluate a specific new vendor for his/her operational & financial strengths on the request of the buyer.

Design and Product Development

We develop products and customize services for our customers. Whether customers come to us with a specific direction or need our help in conceptualizing products, our creative team is available at every step of the process. Between brainstorming, designing and prototyping, we make sure their vision becomes reality. We also innovate in designing the best supply chain solutions to optimize pricing, quality, quantity and delivery of products, enhancing speed to market. Regular inspections are made at the production site so that defects in production can be caught early thereby avoiding any future problems. Quality Reports are sent to the buyers along with photos taken at site during inspections for reference and approval. Our merchandising team regularly follows up on all the orders. Our customers are updated on the order schedules and status on a regular basis, proactively. We ensure timely production and delivery through constant production monitoring. Our regular visits to the vendors help us in following up on the production process continually.

Quality Assurance

To be able to quality control the merchandise produced by its vendors, Zenmark Sourcing has adopted the universally acclaimed system of quality evaluation known as the AQL (Accepted Quality Level). This system helps judge the quality level of the produced goods by identifying and categorizing the defects. It enables the QC to decide if the merchandise passes the acceptability norms of the client. We believe that quality control exercise must be simultaneous to production and is not a terminal exercise. Thus we monitor the quality at each stage of production in all respects. Above all we cannot control quality but can render our services to assure best quality. To ensure that the product meet the quality parameters, we avail the services of external agencies like SGS & MTL and other specialized test houses.

Shipping and Documentation

Perfect sourcing is the result of excellence in pre-production, production and post-production activities. Efficiently managed shipment consolidation & tracking not only ensures well timed delivery, but also significant cost savings for our customers. We have strategic tie-ups with Shipping Agents/Courier companies in all the manufacturing centers, which facilitate prompt delivery of shipments. All orders are very closely monitored by our Merchants to ensure they are shipped on time as per schedule. To facilitate cost reduction, our team works on strategic consolidation planning along with the customers and forwarders to ensure least cost on shipments.

Hard work